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The Well Homeschool Drop-Off Program

The Well Enrichment+

The Well Enrichment+ inspires young learners to soar to new heights and be all God has created them to be. Is your child into drawing, dancing, acting, singing, creating or inventing? Do you desire for them to have a fun day with friends while getting in all those electives? The Well Enrichment+ is all about developing your child's talents and gifts and using them for God's Glory! 

...And here's the "plus"... We know time is precious, so academics are creatively woven into every class, so you won't have to worry about losing a day of school!

Wednesday Classes are in session: 8:30 to 2:00 pm*  (end time 3:00 pm as of Fall 2018)

*Scroll down for After school activities available for an additional cost 

Scroll down for Class descriptions or click link for Schedule 

Morning Assembly and Devotion We kick off our day with prayer, pledges, learning scripture and worship! We also use this time to impart values and teach important social skills, such as loving one another and how to solve conflicts.

STEM Discovery Science:  This engaging course focuses on exploring topics in Applied Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through hands on exploration and discovery. This class features workshops from Bits, Bytes & Bots, MAD Science, Zoomagination, and other special visitors, lab days and even a Young Inventor's Club!

Art+: Students will learn about different artist as they create amazing masterpieces in this in-depth art class. Covers a multitude of mediums and genres, while focusing on skills such as brush strokes and drawing. The "plus" is that we also use their art as a means of teaching creative writing, poetry, speech and other language arts skills!

Creative Writing: Students will learn the ins and outs of story writing, poetry and more as they create exceptional masterpieces that will delight their audience. Each student will complete the course with a published book containing their work at the end of the semester. 

(an option in place of art for 4th-8th only)

History & Drama: Students will learn a variety of stage skills as they explore and reenact history, and prepare a one-of-a-kind production for the end of each semester. 


Not only will students get exercise in this exciting, energetic class, they will also learn teamwork and good sportsmanship through fun games and team building activities. Class also includes a girls and boys discipleship group. 

Music & Choir: Students will exercise their vocal chords as they sing a variety of selections and learn important singing skills while gaining a basic understanding of music theory. 

Spanish (As of Fall 2018): Students will have a blast learning another language. This class uses an "emergent approach" and leveled learning in order to introduce and help students become proficient in Spanish. 

After School Extra-curricular activities & Private Music lessons are available  for an additional fee:

   Private Music Lessons:

     Piano  $55 per month 

    Violin   $55 per month

    Vocal   $85 per month

    Private Art Lessons $55 per month

(Call for schedule, slots available for Piano & Violin both Mondays & Wednesdays)

Fall semester starts: 

August 13th, 2018. 

Fall semester ends: 

December 29th, 2018 

Spring Semester starts:

January 8th, 2018

Spring Semester ends:

May 23rd, 2018 

Now enrolling! Hurry Space is limited.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please fill out the Interest Form and someone will be in contact with you soon!

Tuition:$105 per month per     

child per day


Grace Fellowship Baptist Church

Office Hours:

  Mondays & Wednesdays 

8:30 to 3:30


Nonrefundable Supply Fee: $65 per semester per child

Nonrefundable Registration Fee:   $45 per family per year

Events & Field trips only: $45 per family per year

 4th- 8th
2:00 PM
Chess $35
 Chess $35
Dance  $25
 Cooking $35
Afterschool Care $25
  Afterschool Care $25
 3:00 PM
Cooking $35
   Dance $25 
 *** open to nonmembers for an  additional $10 per month ***