The Well.. Homeschooling Made Easy!

The Well Homeschool Drop-Off Program

Our Values

Vision- Together we put education back in the hands of parents and positively change the future, for God's Glory, one child at a time.

Mission Statement- The Well's mission is to provide support to homeschooling families in our community by offering quality, Christ-Centered classes for students. We also strive to build a strong community where families may fellowship and find emotional, physical and spiritual support in their homeschooling. For both parents and their students our mission is to...
"Engage! Equip! Inspire!"

Homeschooling Made Easy: Support when you need it, How you need it!

Core Values

We are T.H.E. W.E.L.L

T- Teamwork  “We work together to meet the needs of all our families”
H- Hope “We instill hope and faith through community and fellowship”
E- Excellence “We commit to do everything in Excellence as a work unto the Lord”

W- Worship “We live a life that exemplifies our faith & invite others to follow”
E- Engage ”We engage eager learners with exciting opportunities”
L- Learn  “We play as we learn, we learn to play."
L- Love    “We display love to all through our actions and words"

An Idea is Born...

We began our first year believing God for just 30 students and were blessed with 60! Launching in August of 2012 in a party place called Just Add Children in Northwest San Antonio, The Well was born!

Our Journey Continues...

We began just one day a week, but by the second year God doubled our growth to two days a week and 90 kids! We moved to a new facility Kids Play land to accommodate our rapid growth.

Still Growing...

2016-2017 we relocated once again to the beautiful 3 acre property we are now in and now have over 100 students and offer 15 different classes, music lessons, and extracurricular classes for all ages toddler through 9th grade! We have truly been blessed on this journey 30, 60, 100 fold!  It has been a wonderful walk of faith and to God be the Glory for all the lives that have been blessed in the process.