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The Well Enrichment+

The Well Enrichment+ inspires young learners to soar to new heights and be all God has created them to be. Is your child into drawing, dancing, acting, singing, creating or inventing? Do you desire for them to have a fun day with friends while getting in all those electives? The Well Enrichment+ is all about developing your child's talents and gifts and using them for God's Glory! 

...And here's the "plus"... We know time is precious, so academics are creatively woven into every class, so you won't have to worry about losing a day of school!

Wednesday Classes are in session: 8:30 to 3:00 pm

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Morning Assembly and Devotion We kick off our day with prayer, pledges, learning scripture and worship! We also use this time to impart values and teach important social skills, such as loving one another and how to solve conflicts.

STEM Discovery Science  This engaging course focuses on exploring topics in Applied Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through hands on exploration and discovery. 

Bits,Bytes & Bots Learn how to program a robot, build a video game or program in Mindcraft! This exciting class is offered to 5th-9th grade students in place of STEM  

Art+: Students will learn about different artist as they create amazing masterpieces in this in-depth art class. Covers a multitude of mediums and genres, while focusing on skills such as brush strokes and drawing. The "plus" is that we also use their art as an opportunity for them to practice speech and other language arts skills!

Creative Writing Explore writing in a brand new way with this fun class. Students get the opportunity to learn how to write interesting stories and poetry. This class is an option to take instead of Art+ for 5th-9th graders.

History & Drama: Students will learn a variety of stage skills as they explore and reenact history, and prepare a one-of-a-kind production for the end of each semester. (Drama 

PE: Not only will students get exercise in this exciting, energetic class, they will also learn teamwork and good sportsmanship through fun games and team building activities (includes tumbling all students k-3rd and girls 4th-9th). Class also includes devotional or Servant Leadership (see below)  

Servant Leadership - Adapted from materials by Ken Blanchard this course is designed to teach students important leadership skills while focusing on crucial elements of character development. Course includes bible study and real world application, this course also delves into topics such as business start-up and choosing a career path. 

Music & Choir: Students will exercise their vocal chords as they sing a variety of selections and learn important singing skills while gaining a basic understanding of music theory. They will also be introduced to different musical instruments and learn bells, recorder or percussion. 

Spanish : Students will have a blast learning another language. This class uses an "emergent approach" and leveled learning in order to introduce and help students become proficient in Spanish. 

Group Tutoring: Need help teaching a particular subject? Our tutors are here to help! Tutors work with students in small groups to advance their Math, Reading and Writing skills. This class is offered in place of one of their classes for grades K-9th for an additional cost of $50 per month.

Topics in Art: Art History, pottery, drawing, pastels, painting, and more!

Topics in Music: Recorders, Percussion, Music History, Music theory, Choir, and more!

After School Extra-curricular activities & Private Music lessons are available  for an additional fee:

Tae-Kwon-Do: Ginger Torvik creates an atmosphere for students that is fun, upbeat, and one that encourages excellence and good character.  While in class we will focus on kicks, punches, combination routines, self-defense and weapons. Your child will gain poise, confidence, and endurance as they train hard and learn new skills. Martial Arts is a wonderful way for children to learn the discipline, hard work and patience that it takes to be successful in life.

Cost: $55/month      Duration: 60 minutes     Uniform Fee: $50

Cooking: Students will receive a variety of skills with hands on experience during cooking class. Each student will learn about the basics of cooking, as well as baking, how to read a recipe card and the use of kitchen utensils. At the end of the year students will receive a cookbook of all the recipes that were completed.

Cost: $35/month    Duration: 4th-9th 60 minutes      K-3rd: 40 minutes

Dance: Students will have a wonderful time leaping and twirling as they embark on a dancing adventure. Students learn jazz, lyrical, ballet and some hip-hop as they develop character and poise. Students are taught how to worship and how to use their bodies as instruments of praise as they prepare to minister in dance at our one of a kind production at the end of each semester.

Cost: $55/month    Duration: 45 minutes      Uniform Fee: $35/semester

   Private Music Lessons:

     Piano  $55 per month 


Fall semester starts: 

August 13th, 2018. 

Fall semester ends: 

December 19th, 2018 

Spring Semester starts:

January 9, 2019

Spring Semester ends:

May 22, 2019 

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Monthly Tuition:$115 per child


Grace Fellowship Baptist Church

Program and Office Hours:

Wednesdays 8:30am to 4:40pm


Nonrefundable Supply Fee: $65 per semester per child

Nonrefundable Registration Fee:   $45 per family per year

 4th- 8th
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Afterschool Care $25
  Afterschool Care $25
 3:00 PM
Dance  $25   (3:10 - 3:50 pm)
 Cooking $35
 Tae-Kwon-Do $55
 Tae-Kwon-Do $55
  4:00 PM
Cooking $35
   Dance $25 


Children will have a blast learning through creative and interactive hands-on projects, games and activities. At The Well there is a huge emphasis on team work, cooperation and group participation. Though the day is structured and a curriculum is followed, your child's days at The Well will be far from boring! Fun while learning  is our goal, and so is helping each child develop a life-long love of learning! We take a personal interest in each child's needs, and will work with you to help them reach their greatest potential!  

Here is a list of some of the curriculum & resources used:* 

Language Arts: IEW, hands on writing & grammar booksSpeaker's Club

Science: Apologia 

Social Studies: Story of the World

Math: Hands on Math Books  (Middle School- some Saxon)

PE: Ready to Use PE Activities

Spanish:  Spanish for You, beginner- advanced, Immersion approach

Topics in Art: Art History, pottery, drawing, pastels, painting, and more!

Topics in Music: Recorders, Percussion, Music History, Music theory, Choir, and more!

All Subjects:

Worksheets don't grow Dendrites

Engage the Brain

*Purchase of curriculum is NOT required

 *** open to nonmembers for an  additional $10 per month ***